About Key West Voices

(a work in progress)

Key West and the Florida Keys is a vibrant community of conchs, residents and long-term visitors who care deeply about where we are and where we're going. Our rich history reveals both heroes and scoundrels, who are sometimes even the same person. And new history is being made all the time.

News of our community comes to us in a variety of ways; through the famous 'coconut telegraph,' traditional and social media, and talented writers offering their own perspectives on what happened and will happen next. But it's not all in one place. Keeping up with everything requires time and tenacity. 

Key West Voices was envisioned on a warm spring afternoon in an Old Town backyard in 2023 (adult beverages were consumed) as a way to bring together and curate the most important stories pertaining to our community and bring them to you. Our curators use their best judgement to share the stories that matter most, free of cost to you and advertising. We don't shy away from bringing you the workings of politics and the efforts to influence public policy. While we aim for diversity of ideas, we're not without bias. We select and organize content to promote a sustainable economy, protect our natural habitat, defend the quality of life we love, honor our history, and shield us from the actions and decisions that feel most threatening. 

We may someday present original content, but our focus is on bringing you news and opinions from our talented journalists and writers.