21 May 2023

Wait, what? Safer Cleaner Ships and Pier B agree (to disagree) - Weekly Wrap-Up - 21 May 2023

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Big win for Pier B.
It appeared likely that the owners of Pier B will be granted a permanent expansion of the area of the bay-bottom lease, as well as an unprecedented 25 year lease renewal. 

$1,000 per month. Chris Hamilton considered the cost of owning a car in the context of Key West's unique transportation and affordable housing challenges and opportunities. (Friends of Car-Free Key West)

Destroyer Higbee. The U.S. Navy commissioned a new guided-missile destroyer in a ceremony on 13 May. (Keys Weekly) 

Thanks for nothing. Governor DeSantis signed House Bill 1417 that supersedes any local government regulation of landlord-tenant relationships. The net effect is that landlords can end month-to-month leases on shorter notice. (Citizen, $)

New apartments ready on Stock Island. The Key West Housing Authority announced that the grand opening ceremony for its long-awaited Garden View apartments is on 23 May, with new tenants moving in as early as the next day. (Keys Weekly)

FKAA warned. The state Department of Environmental Protection has issued the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority a “warning letter” alerting the agency that is it is under “investigation” for not maintaining its main waterline pipe and could face “civil penalties.”

Raise taxes? Linda Cunningham went back to 2020 to remind the City to raise taxes. (Key West Island News)

Camera with a long lens. Mark Hedden tried to focus on the right things.  

A smooth-billed ani seen recently at Indigenous Park in Key West. MARK HEDDEN/Keys Weekly

Previously in Key West Voices

Go time? Linda Cunningham shared her thoughts about knowing when its to leave Key West. (Key West Island News)

A sexy beast. Mark Hedden snagged a view of a warbler from behind the bathroom at a beachfront state park. (Keys Weekly)

Residents also count. Ray Warren reflected on the first of three city commission public workshops designed to explore noise issues in the city. Nobody wants to ban live music, but limits must be respected. (Key West Progress)

Getting around. Chris Hamilton reported on the new “Workforce Express” between Stock Island and from Key West Transit Service to begin May 15th. Chris also applauded the City's plan for new bike lanes on United and South Streets. (Friends of Car-Free Key West)

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