19 June 2023

Flawed, preposterous, and dangerous - Weekly Wrap-Up - 19 June 2023

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Hurricane evacuation modeling. The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) held three workshops ahead of revising its hurricane evacuation model for the Florida Keys. When the model was last revised in 2012, additional residential building permits (called ROGOs) were authorized for the Keys. 
  • Flawed model, flawed process. Last Stand of the Florida Keys' Dottie Moses offered a comprehensive and full-throated critique of flaws in the model itself and the larger process of determining the carrying capacity of the Keys. This six minute video is a must-see. (Last Stand)
  • Preposterous and dangerous. That's how former Monroe School Board member Ed Davidson described the model used in 2012. He explains in this twenty minute video of his public statement. (Last Stand)
  • But more ROGO allocations are envisioned. So said Brian Schmitt of Coldwell Banker in one session. The Citizen offered a detailed account of the meetings. (Citizen, $)
  • Full-length videos of the meetings were posted by Monroe County
Budget signed. The Governor signed the state's 2023 budget, which included:
  • $20 million for the Florida Keys Stewardship Act
  • $5 million for land acquisition appropriation
  • $6.25 million for the Monroe County Emergency Operations Center being built at Marathon airport
  • $650,000 for the mobile vessel pump-out program
  • $1.6 million for mooring field development
  • $10 million for a new Florida Keys artificial reef program. (Konk Life, $)
Take the bus; ride a bike. Chris Hamilton celebrated the opening of the new Garden View Apartments on Stock Island and envisions incentives to ride the bus. (Friends of Car Free Cities)  

Hurricane prep: go analog. Linda Cunningham reminded us to prepare as though a Cat 5 is coming. (Key West Island News)  

A good place to start. Mark Hedden offered a round-up of herons and egrets as a good place for novice Keys birders to start watching. (Keys Weekly)

"...because boys have sex and girls have babies." Mandy Miles shared quotes from her father for Father's Day. (Keys Weekly)

Happy 100th birthday. Frank Toppino, whose family name is everywhere there's construction in the Keys, hit the century mark just in time for Father's Day. (Keys Weekly)

Our Eyes

Philip Dodderidge posted a series of stunning bird photos this week.  

Philip Dodderidge

Previously in Key West Voices

Ousted. The City Commission voted 6-1 to oust its Planning Board appointee Gregory Lloyd as a result of his letter to the editor calling out FKAAs infrastructure failings and critical of FKAA's leadership. Mayor Teri Johnston was the lone vote in support of Lloyd. (Keys Weekly)

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