15 August 2023

Arrested developments - Weekly briefing - 15 August 2023

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Our Community

Arrested developments.
Pilot rescue on video. Monroe County Sheriff deputies rescued a pilot after his small plane crashed in the water off Sawyer Key near the Lower Keys on Sunday morning. The rescue was captured on video.  (NBC Miami)

Air and water. 
School daze
Law, and order in the court?
Conch Town closed. Citing a downturn in business related to the shooting death of 21-year-old Garrett Hughes, owner Nicole Cates said that her business suffered exponentially following the crime. (Citizen)

Workforce housing. Construction of 24 apartments for local law enforcement workers is underway on a once-vacant lot  between the luxury Steam Plant condominiums and the school district’s headquarters. (Keys Weekly)

Barbie World located. Celebrity scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson figured out that Barbie World is actually in the Florida Keys, and the story was picked up in many venues. (Facebook)
Smells like Key West. Linda Cunningham asserted that you’ll never get rid of Eau de Key West, and used AI to illustrate her column. (Key West Island News)

Subtle moves. Mark Hedden tried not to get too riled up about the swallow-tailed kite. (Keys Weekly)

Our Eyes

Vincent plays in the clouds at sunset. Lynne Bentley-Kemp

Previously in Key West Voices

(Dis) serving the community. Despite its mission to serve the community Sunbeam Christian School was closed by its pastor with little notice. He fired nine teachers for their refusal to commit to living a "Biblical lifestyle." (Keys Weekly)
Labor market trouble in schools and elsewhere
Lofts project in trouble. A significant gap in affordability would make the Lofts project home ownership units out of reach for most income levels. (Keys Weekly)  

Psych out? Maybe. College Board announced that Florida schools should no longer offer AP Psychology. The latest tussle came over a section in the course that addresses gender and sexual orientation. (New York Times)
Tax increase sustained. Finance Director asked city commissioners to keep the increased rate the same to help combat increases in personnel costs for the city. (Citizen)

Bike lanes on South Roosevelt? Chris Hamilton argues that it's not too late to add the protected bike lanes that City Commissioners voted for. But City’s Engineering said it would cost the City some money and was too risky because of FDOT deadlines. (Car Free Cities)

Air safety rules waived. Ron DeSantis’ Key West anti-migrant missions raised pilot safety concerns. (NBC News)

Hot water. Florida corals are in hotter water than first thought. (Florida Keys News)
Hot air. More scorching heat was forecast for the Keys. The weather service issued a heat advisory Sunday, saying it could feel as hot as 112 degrees. (Florida Keys News)

Two months ahead of schedule. FKAA crews reached the halfway mark on its Islamorada water main replacement project, but traffic impacts aren't expected to lessen until March 2024. (Keys Weekly)

Surviving the Overseas HighwayLinda Cunningham said to stick to the speed limit or the flow of traffic along with other practical advice. (Key West Island News)

She likes them. Nancy Klingener recommended podcasts, video, and most importantly, books

It's hard out there. Mark Hedden enlightened us about short-tailed hawks. (Keys Weekly)


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