22 August 2023

Capacities Constrained - Weekly briefing - 22 August 2023

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Our Community

Capacities Constrained 
Violations. Monroe County reported in a press release that more than 1,900 structures in unincorporated Monroe County may not comply with FEMA standards for downstairs enclosures, and submitted a plan of action to research the structures to determine if violations exist. Insurance rates countywide could be adversely impacted. (Keys Weekly)

Aldi Winns. The German supermarket chain Aldi purchased Winn-Dixie as part of a 400 store deal expected to close in early 2024. The branding of some stores may be retained, but the fate of Winn-Dixie stores has not yet been announced. (New York Times, Miami Herald)

Voter registration. The Monroe County Supervisor of Elections reached out to voters to remind them to check their vote-by-mail (VBM) registration. Previously, a VBM request was good for two federal elections, but under state law passed after the 2020 election, all requests expired in December 2022 and new ones must be made for each election cycle. Visit the supervisor's web site to be sure you can vote by mail next year. (Citizen)

Five storms. As of Monday morning, there were five Atlantic tropical storms being tracked by the National Hurricane Center in Miami, of which three (Emily, Franklin, and Gert) have earned names. At present, none appear to pose a significant threat to the Keys other than some recent gusts. (Please do not rely on KWV for tropical storm information - always get the latest from the National Hurricane Center.) 

Prothonotary. Mark Hedden taught us about a lovely yellow warbler after seeing a few at the Botanical Garden, including how to pronounce its name. (Keys Weekly)

Our Eyes

A migrating prothonotary warbler seen recently at the Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden.
Mark Hedden/Keys Weekly

Previously in Key West Voices

 Arrested developments.
Pilot rescue on video. Monroe County Sheriff deputies rescued a pilot after his small plane crashed in the water off Sawyer Key near the Lower Keys on Sunday morning. The rescue was captured on video.  (NBC Miami)

Air and water. 
School daze
Law, and order in the court?
Conch Town closed. Citing a downturn in business related to the shooting death of 21-year-old Garrett Hughes, owner Nicole Cates said that her business suffered exponentially following the crime. (Citizen)

Workforce housing. Construction of 24 apartments for local law enforcement workers is underway on a once-vacant lot  between the luxury Steam Plant condominiums and the school district’s headquarters. (Keys Weekly)

Barbie World located. Celebrity scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson figured out that Barbie World is actually in the Florida Keys, and the story was picked up in many venues. (Facebook)
Smells like Key West. Linda Cunningham asserted that you’ll never get rid of Eau de Key West, and used AI to illustrate her column. (Key West Island News)

Subtle moves. Mark Hedden tried not to get too riled up about the swallow-tailed kite. (Keys Weekly)

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